Success in the Shawnee

A couple of us from took a trip back to the Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois.  Its nice country and full of deer if you know where to go.  We did, and this year your humble blogger landed an 8 Pointer with a 12 guage shotgun slug.

I did not get a photo of it holding the antlers, I was alone so that would have been difficult.  When we left the meat locker one of the guys put the rack on the front of the truck.  It got a few stares on the way home!


You’ll have to guess who the author is.


This is a typical view in the woods of the Shawnee.  It is a big national forest, so I am sure different parts look different than this, but this is what it looks like in the woods we hunt.

New Deer Patches have arrived at

We continue to build our inventory of the great patches that graced the pages of the Sportsmans Guide catalog.  Digging into the archives at The Chicago Embroidery Company we are trying to offer all the patches that were available in Sportsman Guide for the many decades they carried the patches.  There are more to come.  But now these great new patches are available.

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Lucky enough to score a 9 Pointer?  This ones for you.


We first offered the  10 Pointer and 8 Pointer, now its time to make room for the 7 Pointer.  There was some internal debate on how to make the 7 Pointer look like a 7 Pointer, because there are different ways to make them, in the end we chose the traditional look because it fits in with the others.


One of our customers called and said he wanted to order a 5 Pointer.   We were going to hold off on the five pointers figuring not many people would want one, but he convinced us otherwise and lo and behold, the 5 Pointer is now available.


Some folks don’t like to take a spike because today’s Spike is tomorrow’s Monster Buck.  Other folks are happy to get one since that’s the only deer they saw!  One customer, who started hunting for the first time this fall, told us the first deer she bagged was a Spike and she was proud as punch.  We were too, and she was the first customer for this patch.


A doe will probably not end up on the trophy wall, but it will feed a family and more importantly will make a hunter proud, especially a young hunter or someone just starting out.  Sportsman’s Guide sold a lot of Doe patches over the decades so a lot of hunters must want this patch.  We’re happy to now offer it.

More new patches will appear in the future.  Have some ideas?  Feel free to drop us a note at Comes Alive


Classic Original Patch Designs Are Back Again
Who can forget the sights, sounds and even smells of their first hunting trip? The brightly colored fall leaves turning the hillsides golden and crimson and all shades in between. The crunch of autumn leaves or even new fallen snow underfoot as you walked the woods, the smell of woodsmoke mixed with the pungent scent of your breakfast bacon frying in the skillet; these are the beginning of a lifetime of hunting memories.

The Ten Pointer.  Every deer hunter wants one.

The Ten Pointer. Every deer hunter wants one.

Nothing can recreate the thrill of nervous tension that grabbed hold as you saw your first buck and slowly raised up your gun to line up the shot and gently squeezed the trigger, just like your father taught you to do.

You'll know a Monster Buck when you see one.

You’ll know a Monster Buck when you see one.

And like many young hunters of the last generations, you may have received a colorful embroidered v patch to commemorate bagging your first deer, or first buck or even a special 12-point trophy animal. These timeless classic embroidered designs, produced by the Chicago Embroidery Co., were once offered exclusively by The Sportsmen’s Guide to their customers. After the catalog discontinued offering these special hunting embroidered patches, Chicago Embroidery Co., a business deeply rooted in the hunting culture with nearly 125 years of experience producing patches and emblems, decided the tradition should live on.

The Big Eight Pointer

Through a special exclusive licensing agreement with, these designs are once again available — original high-quality embroidered patches — the same eight, ten and twelve-point buck emblems that you may have proudly worn on your hunting jacket years ago. These are the same classic design and product quality, not a cheap, imitation knockoff — the exact same patches that were sold for many years to previous generations of sportsmen. Acrylic thread prevents colors from fading and the vinyl-backed ducking helps maintain the shape of the die-cut embroidered patch.

A great patch to earn.

A great patch to earn.

Further information and pricing (bulk discounts are available) can be found at , contacting


Jerry O, a SportingPatches customer and friend, sent us this photo when he was out plinking and trying to scare up a rabbit or two.  He’s in the lower Wisconsin River valley, on a farm.